NO. 1 – R12: Adelaide Crows @ The Adelaide Oval

In the first cast of the first (and best) Giants fancast, the concept is proved by Spiritual Heart and Soul of The Squinters Coco - who patches in from Dallas, Texas, US of A, his morning before the Giants played and went down fighting hard to the Adelaide Crows in a R12 grind at the Adelaide Oval. He and Needles discuss their Squinters origin stories, give two hot takes on the loss and the upcoming match against North Melbourne Kangaroos in Hobart, politely acknowledge Bartman's drunken messages from country Victoria in lieu of him joining them and debate which nut Coco would offer for a Cogs re(-)sign.

About Needles the Renaissance Man

In 2019, Needles was Needles, but for season 2020 Needles is Needles, the Renaissance Man. Needles, the Renaissance Man was born way wester than Greater Western Sydney but his favourite colour was orange. In an amazing coincidence his favourite team is now the Giants (it used to be Fremantle). His favourite player was Curtly Hampton but he left, then it was Nathan Wilson but he left, while his kiddies loved Rory Lobb and Tom Scully. But they left. Now Needles, the Renaissance Man is all in on Zac Williams, a fellow Riverina boy, but he won't leave. Needles, the Renaissance Man joined the Squinters late but started Never Surrender by The Squinters early so he could talk to his mates in and around footy instead of messaging them because remember the nineties and the early noughties when talking shit face-to-face was a thing? Needles, the Renaissance Man does. Join in.